What is Ayahuasca? Preparation. How is the ceremony looks like? Effects. Aftertaste.


Armenia is a small city, but full of street-art. Beautiful and different street-art. It's impossible to explain, better watch! :)

This Colombian bird is drinking coffee, so cute! Of course, Quindio is a region of coffee.

This mural is about traditional spiritual cere...


Options how you can renew Mexican visa:

Russians can stay in Mexico only 6 months. What to do next:

👉🏻 Pay to Mexican officer on the border as much as he will say and don't leave the country (in my case it was 4000 peso, later he made a discount, 3000 peso = $160)...


What makes Cuba a special country?

🤷🏽‍♀️ The main dishes: small bread with ham and cheese, in my case it was with avocado, spaghetti with tomato sauce and rice with beans.
🤷🏽‍♀️ There are few vegetables: cucumber, little onion and avocado (fantastic! big! for jus...


We were unreal lucky, we got not only ticket for $30, but we also spent a wonderful weekend in Cancun!

Cancun – the most touristic place in Mexico. Perfect beaches, hotels and chill. Also is very popular place to go to Cuba.
How we were surprised and happy when our f...


In Mexico people are smiling a lot. They like to have fun. They are happy.

They descended from Indians mixed with Spanish people, which came to Latin American continent.
Latin people are normally short, but on the north of Mexico you can see a big white people, they...


I fell in love with Mexico from the first moment. Here I spent about 7 wonderful months.

I came to Chihuahua, Chihuahua state (yes, the little dogs and the popular song came from here) Here, at the north of country, there are big cartels. Just few years ago people wer...


Mexico – it’s a gastronomic paradise, and for vegans as well. Even though they love meat so much and everybody, as always, told me: “OMG, what you’ll eat?!” 😄

What did I find so delicious:

🥛 Orchata cold and fresh – rice milk, made from rice, cinnamon and local brown s...


I spent about 5 months living on the little ranch on the north of Mexico with beautiful family, in cute village Creel. This area is full of cheeses, nuts and apples, cultivated by Mennonites just near.

In Cuauhtémoc city in the time of 1st World War migrated Mennonites...


Very positive experience of hitchhiking in Mexico.

Cars are stopping fast. That`s cool there are so much trucks where you can jump on the back, so driver doesn't afraid of you and you don't have to talk with him (which is a big plus when you are really tired) 😂 Also...

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