#3.1EN ❥ Mexico. Crossing border El Paso-Juares

December 10, 2017

It was rainy and windy, very cold. I'm on the border between El paso and Juares with my travel buddy, Polish couchserfer Jacek. We went through the borer, there is nobody, any control, only bridge and after it already Mexico. 
We were disappointed, we need stamps that we left the US. A prove that we left in time. WE went to the other side of border in El Paso, where people are coming from Mexico. Officers listened us and answered: No problem, go like this! Hah, no, thinking we are, its just they don't want us to come again. 
I googled, guys said its only our problem. Try to find it as you want. We went back to officers. They asked about the white paper which they giving us when we are arriving to country. Permission. Jacek had it, he gave them. I didn't have as I came to NY airport and there is only electronic control. They said they will put Jacek in system. So we decided to cross border, what else to do.


On the other side we almost passed without stamp! Immigration office somewhere on the side, and nobody making you to go there. But we need a stamp! We came back. Even though for people with USA visa not necessary visa of Mexico, everybody have to pay tax for crossing border, $25. And if you leaving country by other way, for example plane, you need to pay once againn. Just to let you know.

So don't worry is you'll not have control on the border with the US. They will find all info if they will need. Btw, we checked in one week, nobody renew information about Jacek in the system, so he is still officially there in USA 😄

On Mexican side, in one of the most dangerous cities in the world, we were picked up by wonderful Mexican guy. He offer us food, accommodation, and on the next day took us to a good hh spot and even got a ride for us 🙏🏼💓

Mexico, I'm in love with you from the first moment! 




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