#3.2EN ❥ Mexico. Hitchhiking

December 11, 2017

Very positive experience of hitchhiking in Mexico.

Cars are stopping fast. That`s cool there are so much trucks where you can jump on the back, so driver doesn't afraid of you and you don't have to talk with him (which is a big plus when you are really tired) 😂 Also at the north you most probably hitchhike with Raramuri (local Indians). 


Actually it's illegal to transport people like this, but police don't mind. Hitchhiking with a sign working super good. The main roads are perfect. I spent in Mexico more than 7 months, and 3 of them was on the road. I reach almost 8000 km traveling around the country. It was beautiful! The nature is so different: snow on the north, desert, mountains and tropics. The country is huge. People are just lovely. But still most of them reacting
to strangers very active.


Interesting, that most of the truck drivers are never sleeping. They don't have any control about it, like for example in Europe, where you just cannot drive more than 8 hours per day. For Mexicans it's working like this: As soon I'll finish this ride I will able to take another one and got more money in the end. One of those drivers, with 20 years of experience couldn't control his body anymore, he was shaking all way, but driving. Looks scary.

​However, some of those people  just don't have a choice, as our driver Saul: he was transporting 6 tons of fresh jalapeños (green chili), they are dyeing on the sun. Therefore, it was his responsibility to bring them in time, other way he has to pay for all 6 tons. We spent with him almost 2 days on the road, but he was awake 5 days. Of course they drinking some special pills for diet, which giving you a lot of energy when you mixing it with coca-cola and coffee. That what they said. Still there are many accidents.


Here is Saul with his car:


When police was stopping our drivers, they asked many questions: where we going, from where we are. When they heard that Juan is Colombian, they were checking our passports and even backpacks! They only need a reason to get money.
One of our truck drivers had to pay police, because police thought we are payed him for ride, because we are foreigners. As result he payed about 35 dollars. So sad, but he was too much afraid of problems. Later he left us on the truck stop 😄
Also I`m sad that on the main roads there are people with guns, they are from cartels, which making local people to pay them. This time of business old and very good working. They are on the one side with police. They not touching travelers, because they don't want problems with other countries.😄



​Some stories from the road:

Ones a cool girl Alex gave us a ride, she was traveling with her friend in the south of the country. So, she invited us to her home in Merida. Later we stayed there 2 more times ☺️

Few times we got stock, but only because of the wrong place. There are points of narco-traffics, local people just afraid to stop. So better to ask locals for some suggestions about your way before start trip. Ones we were super late in La Ventosa city, at the south of country. Our last driver suggested us to go sleep in police station, as it's very very dangerous place where drugs are going to all directions. Of course, it was surprise. So we want to the station and police officer said "no, but you can camp in front of police station, just on the road". We decided to listen police and put our tent there. The place was so hot, that all night it was almost impossible to breath, especially inside of tent. Outside mosquitos were just killing me. So about 1 am our police officer disappeared and about 6 huge persons with long hair and absolutely doesn't looks like police took the post. Later one of them came to talk with Juan (he slept outside because of the hot). He heard our english speaks and came to check what we are doing there. Juan said that we are going to live as soon as it will be possible to get a ride, with sun. The man left and they were talking about us. That was scary. However, we left at 6 am; anyway to sleep there was impossible.

On the pink lake in Yucatan was so beautiful, but so hot. We came late and decided to camp on the beach. It was dark. Mosquitos there are just killers! So we were jumping during the building process of our tent. They were attacking our eyes, going to nose, ears, etc. We finally hid in tent and thought we are safe, but then realized that they are so hungry, that they are going through little-little holes in tent's grid. We could see how they are putting first legs, later had, body and entering. Oh, it was difficult night. At 6.30 we went to see pink lake and have breakfast there, but it was already more than 30 degrees and still mosquitos everywhere 🏃🏽‍♀️ 🏃🏽

Ones, also on the south, we were hitchhiking all day, weather and sun was very hot. We were dreaming about fresh shower. Driver left us in the middle of nowhere. We have seen some people near road, asked them if we can find shower somewhere. One of the men took us to the jungle. There was his house, children and wife - all family. It was like a miracle


There were some uncomfortable situations with me as a woman, but were few:

I was hitchhiking still alone from Cuauhtémoc to Creel. One of the Mennonites picked me up (I made a special post about them), but he was not typicalMennonites. He spoke english, immediately started to look at me very exciting. I tried to talk to him to make his mind colder. He told me he speaks german, learn from his parents. However, he didn't know what is Berlin and which language we speaking in Russia. His eyes were very blue. Finally, he took my lag, told me that loves women. I told him to stop and that I'm going out of here. He said sorry. Then we saw police car, he didn't has documents for car, so he stopped immediately and was going to go back. Before say "bye" he ask if I changed my mind, and if I will "spent time" with him, he will buy me a bus ticket ($5) 🤦🏼‍♀️

Other day we were going to Oaxaca, already with Juan. And actually people picking up couples even better! One very cool big guy with Jeep picked us up. We were going 5 hours with very bad serpentine road. The driver was very positive, communicative, we were talking about everything. He has wife, 2 children, showed us photos. He invited us to stay with him in hotel, he was in business trip. So we said YES, everybody were tired, he was cool. He invited us for a dinner on the way. 
Near Oaxaca he started to talk about swingers. How he spent wonderful time with his wife in Cancun in swinger hotel. He was so funny, we decided "okey, he is just a little wired". We came to hotel, he chose a room with 2 big beds. He invited us to try mescal (the local strong liquor), we all got drunk and came back to sleep. He said: "Guys, you can have sex here, don't worry, I'll not join you." Haha. 
Next day he said me "bye" and left with Juan to find some hippy with weed, he wanted to cook happy cakes for his wife. And after he was going to continue traveling to another city. I went to shower. In few minutes somebody came to bathroom, I was sure it is Juan, but no! our "friend" looked at me, said sorry, he didn't know I was there. He left. I was little bit shocked and still didn't locked the door. He came again less than in 1 min and staid: turn around please, your body is so beautiful, I only want to see, not touch. I'll pay you" Oh, it was difficult to kick him out. 
At that time Juan was waiting for him downstairs, he told him that he forgot to say me "bye" 😆​


It's very important to be positive in your travel. We are creating our reality ❣️ 


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