#3.3EN ❥ Mexico. Mennonites – the last century people

December 15, 2017

I spent about 5 months living on the little ranch on the north of Mexico with beautiful family, in cute village Creel. This area is full of cheeses, nuts and apples, cultivated by Mennonites just near.

In Cuauhtémoc city in the time of 1st World War migrated Mennonites, german and holland people. Interesting, that in 18-19 century their ancestors were living in Russian Empire. Today still in German they called Russland-Mennoniten – Russian Mennonites. The religion was formed in Holland in 1530th. One of the main ideas in this religion: non-use of force and non-resistance: the Mennonites refuse to take up arms in their religious beliefs. Thats why they have to move always far from wars.
Now you can find Mennonites in other countries of Latin America as well.

​​They looks unique, just like 100 yers ago. Specially it's interesting to see them near Mexicans. They have very white skin, light hair and blue eyes. Women always wear old-style dresses, hats and aprons. They are quite big and have 5-10 children. Men are wearing denim overalls and and hats – classical farmer style. Their religion is strict and they are real hard-workers. They are cultivating apples and nuts. Animals they have as well. Leaving separate of Mexicans, in their communities. Their houses always have minimalistic german style.

Mexican people are friendly with them and respectful. They think that Mennonites are very-very beautiful because of light color of skin.

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