#3.4EN ❥ Mexico. Perfect for vegans!

December 22, 2017

Mexico – it’s a gastronomic paradise, and for vegans as well. Even though they love meat so much and everybody, as always, told me: “OMG, what you’ll eat?!” 😄



What did I find so delicious:

🥛 Orchata cold and fresh – rice milk, made from rice, cinnamon and local brown sugar “Pilancillo“.
Also oatmeal milk (the same ingredients, only oatmeal instead of rice)

🍊 Fresh juices: Mango, pineapple, marracuya, orange, carrot, etc.

🌮 Taco – flat bread, made from corn flour, water and veg oil, the name is tortilla. Inside they put beans pure and many vegetables which you want: mushrooms, zucchini flowers (yummy!), jamaica (carcade) flowers (fried with garlic, amazing), smashed potato, nopal (cactus), onion and 2 salsas: green and red, both of them from chili and both of them spicy. Sometimes there is guacamole. Tacos is the main street food everywhere. In Mexico City in subway tacos cost 0,2$!

🥙 Sope – fried tortilla with beans, nopal, corn, onion, etc. inside

🌯 Burrito – tortilla from corn or wheat flour, with smashed beens inside. Sometimes you can find with nopal, onion and other vegetables

🌵 Nopal – cactus. Has tons of good elements. Cooked on grill or boiled. Very delicious cold version as a salad with tomato and onion

🥑 Avocado surprising with a price, $1 per one. Not a big size. That’s why guacamole is not everywhere.

🌽 Of course corn, cooked in different ways: on grill, boiled, fried with onion and conserved
🍇 Tamal with raisins – my favourite dessert. Boiled ground maize mass with raisins with peanut or pineapple. There is also not sweet with smashed beens

🍦 Ice-cream made from natural fruits! A big assortment of incredible ice-cream without milk! My favourites: kiwi or coconut. There are also frozen bananas with chocolate


Beans are everywhere, all the time, smashed and not. In one month you are becoming addicted and cannot live a day without beans 🤤


There are many types of corn and chili. Different sizes and colours. 



One of the most weird desserts – Capirotada, people cooking it every year for Holy week. It’s a baguette, dried in oven. Later they put a lot of syrup made from local brown sugar “pilonsillo”, boiled with orangeб cinnamon and carnation. Also they put raisins  and nuts. Decorated a lot because looks absolutely not tasty. Better to eat on the next day or after, cold. Super delicious.





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