#2EN ❥ Women hitchhiking

December 1, 2017


Women hitchhiking is absolutely different than men. But I know some people who had the same problems with drivers, as girls 😄 I'll tell my story, how it's seems impossible to go from this circle of "office-subway-home-subway-office" and "work-eat-sleap-buycloth-work". It always seems like you never have enough money to leave everything and just start to live as you really want. I started my first long trip from India with my best friends, then I left to Amsterdam, to visit my friend and learn about Holland. Then I realised I can keep going, many interesting countries just near! I had very little money, but I decided don't spent for transportation and continue travel. That was my first solo-hitchhiking experience, amazing! Much more interesting then go buy buss or plain: you can learn about life in those countries from locals. You can go wherever you want! It was also only beginning of my Couchsurfing life, and it worked super good! Because of hh and Couchsurfing I visited many beautiful cities in Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Morocco.

Interesting facts:

👍 Drivers afraid of hitchhikers even more then hitchhiker. Many women didn't look at me at all, they so scary. Very rarely a female driver will give you a ride. If yes, most probably she was also hitchhiker, and it's very interesting stories. Be friendly and smile!
👍​ Very often driver picking you up because he just bored (specially truck drivers) and of course because he wants to help. So be polite and make interesting conversation.
👍​ But be carful, listen your intuition when you choosing a car. Sometimes people doing unexpected things. Sometimes I was thinking "no, this one is for sure crazy", and finally the driver was just a lovely person. And other way 🤣

👍 I'm doing my best to do not hh in a dark time, it's dangerous, If even in the morning they are thinking about sex on the road, whats happening in their heads when they see a lonely girl on the road in the night!
You should always looks good (but not sexy, no perfume and makeup), smile, make
an eyes contact with the driver
while you are hitchhiking, they should feel that you want to go exactly with them, not with any car. 

👍 In a difficult situation do not panic! You can take with you a pepper spray, if you know how to use it really good.

In Europe almost every second driver asked me about sex, but normally they are only asking, no acting. Sometimes I had a difficult conversation with driver for a little while, but if you believe in yourself and not smiling anymore, saying to stop the car, they will give up. Several times drivers tried to touch me ore were looking at me just like crazies. Ones one old man tried to kiss me when we were saying "bye", but to kiss for real 😂

In United States all drivers were just perfect, super polite (they really afraid of police). And most of the people just really want to help.


Be ready for everything! Your backpack should be always near. If something wrong happening just tern around key and run. Most probably driver will pay attention only on car, they don't need an accident.


Few true stories from my life:

It happened in Portugal. In the East Europe very few people speaking english. It was on the way from Porto. It's always difficult to leave a big city. One car finally stopped, there was two guys there. I was happy to get a ride, we start to drive. Later the driver explained me  somehow that they need to go to some little town on the way. We went there, they repeated the car little bit with local guys (I was a little nervous, but soon we continued going), then the friend gone and we were only two. I didn't have any local sim-card and internet, only the perfect offline map maps.me. I realised we are goin out from roan and into a forest. I tried to get info from my driver where we are going?? but he didn't speak english at all. So was only repeating "ok ok ok" and smiling. So I was already really scared, but did my best to looks fine.
That time I still didn't have enough experience just to take out key and run away. 

So I was super afraid when he finally stopped, this road for me was like forever, in the middle of forest near small river. It was sunny day. And I realised he just wanted to show me his favourite place in this region. CRAZY! 😮😆 We spent some time there, ate berries and went beck on the road. So what I understand it that he was a truck driver and just a lovely person.

And you'll meet a lot of people like this: simple, friendly, ho just want to share with you the beauti of their land.

Another time I was afraid for real. It was in Italy (the only place where locals called me "putana" prostitute while I was hitchhiking). I was going to Milan, it was a long heavy way, hot weather, I was tired and still had to go more than 3 hours by car. It was a middle-day time and I didn't have a lot of time, so I needed a straight car until Milan. This guy was about 65 y.o., didn't speak english, he was waiting when his lunch time will finish and he can continue driving his truck. He almost doesn't look at me when I showed him sign "MILANO", only nodded his head and continued to look in his phone. Oh, yes, he explant me he is leaving in 30 min (European rules for truck drivers). So I was happy, went for wi-fi in cafe to contact my Couchsurfing host. 

I came back, started our trip. He became much more communicative, start to smile, asking me regular questions. Then he became too much "friendly", start to call me "piculinia baby" like little baby. And start to to stretch out his hands to me, so horrible, fat and old. It's good that in trucks sits are far from each other, I pressed myself against the door, so he couldn't touch me becouse couldts stop to drive on highway, the speed is about 120 km/h. So he just put his hand on the way to me. He continue showing his knowledge of English by saying "I love you". I was telling him "NO", let me go out, but it's almost impossible on the highway. I'm not smiling anymore and continue telling "stop". He started to show me by hands that he want to fuck me before,  that he has a bad here on the back (as in all trucks). He said that today we will go to Bergamo (little city 150 km from Milan), we will sleep there and in morning will continue. I'm again: "NO, stop right now on the gas station" (gas stations in Italy are far from each other). All this was happening during 15 minutes ride. So then he said "I will pay you 20 euros" 🤣 OMG. I was choked! Continue: "Stop! Gazolina! Stop!" Finally worked. He was very angry, this 20 minutes lasted indefinitely.

But just in few minutes a nice woman stopped(a real luck). She was also hitchhiker and gave me very useful information about how to tern around key and run, and many cool stories from her trip. She dropped me exactly to my Couchsurfing place! 

In Italy also, one nice looking guy about 30 yo picked me up. He doesn't speck English. We were going all way somewhere in the middle of nowhere, I was falling sleep all time because all night we had party with my CS host and I almost didn't sleep. I woke up because he was stroking my cheek. I said "NO". He said "Okey okey". Then again touching my neck. I understand he is not going to gave up. Already doesnt looks nice for me at all. I said: "Stop the car!" He became angry. Continue trying to touch me and was talking something, but without any smile. I didn't give up as well. Finally stoped. Left me in very bad place. It was difficult to get another ride.




But its only a few difficult situations, other 100 or even more rides were very positive and beautiful! There are tons of people who will want to help!



Btw, one of this guys also tried to kiss me when we were saying "bye", it was near Barselona 😀

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