#3.6EN ❥ Mexico

January 7, 2018

In Mexico people are smiling a lot. They like to have fun. They are happy.

They descended from Indians mixed with Spanish people, which came to Latin American continent.
Latin people are normally short, but on the north of Mexico you can see a big white people, they already mixed with americans.


Here there is a birthday tradition: dip a birthday person's face in a cake. That what happened with me, of course.



In many cities there are huge monumental sculptures made by Mexican artist Sebastián (born Enrique Carbajal González on November 15, 1947) Some of them:



Almost all advertising still painted by hands on the walls. Very beautiful, illustrations, calligraphy, etc.



Cauchsurfing in Mexico is working great! I want to say a big thanks to all my hosts, to all this beautiful people, without whom my travel would never happened. Thank you so much for you help: Daniel, Juan, Ale, May, Hugo, Diego, Marcos, Alfredo, Alejandra, Fernando.
Others days we were sleeping in tent. That was difficult only at the south, because of hot weather. Very hot! But, generally, it was safety enough.



About Food and hitchhike I already wrote – everything just perfect! 



In Mexico City I visited house-museum of Frida Khalo. There are her works, her bed where she was ill and where she did so many paintings, works of Diego, materials which they were using, Frida’s clothes, corsets. There is also a documentary about her life.





Mariachi on the Plaza Garibaldi are not that cool. Too much commercial, which making it looks sad.

Who love chocolate have to visit Oaxaca. Here they produce amazing chocolate and Mescal (a local strong alcohol).


Mobile internet is very bad and expensive (in comparison to Russia), about $20 per month.


Here I bought iPhone in Linio, its a “good” online store of used things. The telephone didn’t work correct so I sent it back. First they lost it, later they sent it to another city (Guadalajara, where I never been) and I didn’t know about that. Finally, after millions of calls when I tried to find my phone, they said that some man took it in Guadalajara because they can not saving the box in post office more than one month. So, because of mistake of Linio some man has my phone, and Linio has my money. They are not going to change situation 😪

In Mexico there are about 27000 archeological places, more then in any other country. Difficult to imagine that even if you would have 3 lives and every day would visit one of the places – you’ll not visit all of them!




About drugs I was writing already, here narcos are very powerful. Police doesn’t do anything, they bought them long time ago.
The most famous narco in Mexico – El Chapo. He escaped from Mexicans jails 4 times. Once he made it through tunnel, which his people made under the jail. How powerful are people with money! Finally USA people caught him. Now he is outside of his country, in US jail and doesn’t have a power. Interesting, that interview with Shon Penn for Rolling Stone magazine helped police to find El Chapo. Shon Penn – his fan.
“Forbs” says El Chapo is one of the most powerful person in the world. He even more rich and imperious then Pablo Escobar.


🤠 To cross the border you need to pay taxes. And, if you, for example, came by walk and leaving with plane, you need to pay twice. About $25.
🤠 Make sure how much cost food (if you eating on the street) before eat it! Very often they would change a price after you eat.
🤠 I really recommending to learn some basic Spanish language, it’s difficult to find some english-speaking people. But sometimes I was meeting Russian speakers 🙃
🤠 In touristic places better imitate a local, if it’s possible. You can get very cheap ticket or even go for free. Few times I went for free, because they thought I’m local 😂 Also a Mexican student card would be very useful. I think its easy to buy. I had ISIC card and it worked only once in Frida’s museum.



In one month as I left the country there there was a very strong earthquake. I don’t know how cities looks like now. But I believe Mexicans will fix it very soon, they are lovely people and helping each other a lot!


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