#4.1EN ❥ To Cuba and back for just $30

January 14, 2018


We were unreal lucky, we got not only ticket for $30, but we also spent a wonderful weekend in Cancun!

Cancun – the most touristic place in Mexico. Perfect beaches, hotels and chill. Also is very popular place to go to Cuba.
How we were surprised and happy when our flight was changed for the next day because of the storm in Cancun. So the flight company had to give us hotel and food! Hotel was all right, especially after all those hot nights in a tent on the south of Mexico with +30 degrees, this hotel was like a dream with air-conditioner and swimming pool. Just 10 min from the beach. It was funny, on the next day they again changed date. That's how we got 3 days of chill with “all inclusive” in one of the most beautiful and expensive places in Mexico.


How to get tickets for just $30:

Between Cancun and Havana there is a strong business connection. They need people who will transport 
40 kg of "things". They sell it in Cuba because there are almost no import in the country.
Important: Russians don't need visa for Cuba, but if you are from another country check it out. 

Here is a picture from Cancún Airport:


The system is simple:
🌞  First you need to meet a coordinator in the city, you can choose time, pay for tickets and learn details. You can choose day of flight, they are flying pretty often, few times per week.

🌞 At the appointed time you need to come to airport of Cancun. There you meet a special person who will give you your tickets and will help you to check-in with bags.
🌞 Once arrive to Cuba you need to cross control and at the exit guys will pick up the bags. That's it!

Juan is Colombian. In control zone officers stopped us and started to ask what is in the bags. Why so many things for just 7 days, etc. Of course it's a formal questions, because this "business system" is working already many years. But they took a copy of his passport and continued asking different things (I think it's because Colombia has a really bad reputation in the world, several times in Mexico police was interested in him as well), until they asked from where I am. As soon as they heard "I'm Russian" they gave us his passport back and leaved us in peace. It was actually funny, I think it happened because of relationships between our countries.

In Soviet Union times Russia was helping a lot, still Russian cars are everywhere. Now people from Cuba can travel to Russia with special "easy system", but the problem is that they have super small salaries, about $20 per month.


Going to Cuba from Cancun? Message me, I would love to share contacts with you and give some suggestions ❣️✌️

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