#5EN Renew Mexican visa. Belize

February 13, 2018

Options how you can renew Mexican visa:

Russians can stay in Mexico only 6 months. What to do next:


👉🏻 Pay to Mexican officer on the border as much as he will say and don't leave the country (in my case it was 4000 peso, later he made a discount, 3000 peso = $160)I decided to go to Belize and come back, check a new country in the same time. In this case I need to pay only 500 peso ($25) for my new visa.

👉🏻 Leave the country for  3+ days, come back and pay only 25$  for your new visa (that what I did)

👉🏻 Buy a new visa in Mexico city per 1500 peso and don't leave the country.

On the border there were no any problems, nobody checked anything.


Belize – is a country, which was colonised by Great Britain. Now it is independent country, but is a Commonwealth realm, with Queen Elizabeth II as its monarch and head of state. It's amazing, that in the center of Latin America there is a small state where everyone speaks only English!


We arrived in Corozal. Absolutely unfriendly town on the Caribbean coast. One guy pestered with the question: "where are you going?", we answered, he said that he did not know where it is, waved his hand, saying "there!" and demanded a dollar for this conversation. The sheer poverty, the prices for everything are very high, like in New York City. Couchsurfing not existed.

It was impossible to put a tent on such a heat, we found a hostel. The hostess somehow agreed to accept us with our $ 50 (!!) a night! She said that we will not get breakfast. Well, okay, the main thing is there was a shower and an air-conditioner in the room, at least we slept well.


The next day, we were literally running back to our lovely Mexico, already missed the delicious food  🤠 and we were rushing to Cuba. We returned to the border, the officer do not let go out, here is necessary to pay tax $40 per person! They even have a terminal for it.

On the Mexican side, it suddenly turned out that I should be out of the country at least 3 days (I didn’t know). But the officer, in the end, allowed us to pass.

In Belize, there is an incredibly beautiful archaeological site, preserved from the Maya civilization, and natural beauty, but this time we had not enough time to visit it. We will come back for good impressions! ✌🏼


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